"The Regal and Elegant Russian!"

The gentleness of the Russian nature allows them to be a perfect companion for those of all ages

RCCA Online Show Schedule and Application 2018

Welcome to the official website for the Russian Cat Council of Australia Incorporated

The Russian Cat Council of Australia Incorporated (RCCA Inc.) is a bipartisan council reaching across many associations in Australia to bring Russian cat breeders together with a common goal of exchanging information and improving the health and welfare of the Russian cat.

If you are interested in bringing a kitten or adult Russian into your home further information is available in our Russian Breeders list. 

We hope you enjoy your visit to the Russian Cat Council of Australia Incorporated website and welcome any comments, whether you are a member or a casual visitor.

We welcome feedback from both breeders & the general public; please feel free to contact the below Executive committee officers by email if you have a matter relating to the Russian breed.

Current 2017 - 2018 RCCA Inc. Committee

Executive Officers

President: Sally Briton - gbriton@bigpond.com
Vice President: Pam Worsley
Treasurer / Public Officer: Ian Bailey - bailey17@tpg.com.au
Secretary: Robyn Hackworthy - robyn.claudia@bigpond.com
Assistant Secretary: Jenny Gowen

Committee Members:
Di Stokes distokes@bigpond.net.au
Linda Broad
Anne Elphick
Joseph Beani
Betty Payne

Membership Secretary: Robyn Hackworthy - robyn.claudia@bigpond.com
Welfare Officer:  Di  Stokes  distokes@bigpond.net.au
International Liaison & Public Relations Officer: Joseph Beaini
Editor Russian Tales: Robyn Hackworthy - robyn.claudia@bigpond.com

State Advisor Committee Members

New South Wales - Robyn Hackworthy - robyn.claudia@bigpond.com
South Australia - Sally Briton - gbriton@bigpond.com
West Australia - Maree Carle - tlcpets@iinet.net.au

Webmaster: Di Stokes distokes@bigpond.net.au


The objectives of the Russian Cat Council of Australia shall be;

  • To ensure the future of the true Russian Blue breed of cat.
  • To maintain the breeds essential characteristic without loss of virility.russian blue cats
  • To provide genetic testing.  
  • To provide blood testing of infectious diseases.
  • To guide newcomers to the breed in any matters in which they may feel in need of assistance and to make information on the breed available.
  • To promote a real love and understanding of the cats individualities.
  • To promote a national appreciation of the Russian Breed of cat.
  • To publish a journal and provide opportunities for meeting for exchange of information and views.
  • To provide a welfare service for Russians in need.
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